Top 5 Best VPN for iOS in 2021

In this article, I will share the list of the top 5 Best VPN applications for iPhones in the year 2021. VPN’s are common in use nowadays. Actually, it improves your device security too. As your location is changed and you can access the internet or send files using a virtual location which allows you to do not get easily traced or hacked. This list contains one of the best VPNs for iOS. Apple devices are already known for the quality and privacy that they provide to their users. These VPN’s will improve malware resistance and protect your data on your phone.

Top 5 Best VPN for iOS in 2021
Top 5 Best VPN for iOS in 2021

VPN’s could result for best use if you are connected to public Wi-Fi. We all know that public Wi-Fi or free internet is available in restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, etc. but do you know that these types of networks are most vulnerable to the security concern of your device and data stored in it. You can install this VPN on your device like iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices to enhance your security firewall. Now let’s get started with the list of VPNs and check what I have included in this list for you.

Best VPN’s for iOS in 2021

Express VPN

I always recommend using Express VPN because currently, I am using it to publish this article. This is a great VPN service that provides great features and eventually improves your security as well as your productivity. Express VPN provides the best features for iPhone and doesn’t have to think about anything else. It is very simple to use and quick to connect with the secured network. Express VPN allows you to access the internet through 2500+ servers and 90+ countries. I am not faking it, this is a great tool and I am using it for my professional and personal uses on my all workstations. Your data is decrypted and transfer using AES-256encryption which makes your data secured while transferring from one place to another. No matter you are using the public internet and this VPN service always has your back and never reveals your exact location.

Nord VPN

Nord VPN provides 5,000+ servers in 50+ countries. It has an app score of 4.5 in the Apple app store. This VPN service provides the clock helping service to assist you with any issue associated with Nord VPN services. You can get Nord VPN for just $3.71 per month. The servers used by this VPN service has great download and upload speed as compared to the competition. There are some other features included in the basic package like; kill switch to shut down the internet in just one click to include any type of cyber attack.


It is one of the oldest VPN services available on the internet. IPVanish is loved by security professionals as the features included in the package are unmatched. They always have your back no matter where you go and whatever network to your device is connected. The app’s interface is simple and easy to use as compared to other VPN services in the market. You can grab this VPN service at just $4 per month. There are some other packages available you can choose according to your need. There is one downside of this VPN is that you can not run BBCilayer using this VPN service. Hence, all is good.

I am going to continue the list of best VPN services in the upcoming next article. I hope this list has thrown some spotlight on the best VPN services for iPhone users and iOS-based devices. If you have any questions related to VPN and other associated concerns then I suggest you contact the team and they will resolve the issue for you.

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