How to Setup Amped Wireless Instructions

In this article, I am going to share some steps and information on How to setup amped wireless. I have recognized this issue a few weeks back and tried to resolve it for the people who do not know how to set up the Amped wireless devices. So, all the steps that you will find here in the article are officially supported by Arris. You just have to follow all the steps one by one and that will result in Arris setup. If you are facing other issues associated with the Arris wireless device then you have to contact the team and they will resolve it for you.

How to Setup Amped Wireless Instructions
How to Setup Amped Wireless Instructions

What Really Amped Wireless is?

Amped Wireless devices such as extenders, routers, and modems are some of the best in the market right now. The products are reliable and have stable performance. They provide better technology to fulfill customers’ various needs. They have their expertise in long-range Wireless devices for commercial use. You could easily find their devices in the market available at a modest cost and with very good customer reviews. So, this is the general overview of what amped wireless is, further going to explain their products and how to use them.

How to Setup Amped Wireless?

Now we are going to discuss the topic of Amped Wireless Setup and how to do it on your own. You have to follow the below-given steps to accomplish the set up accurately. Now let’s get started with the steps.

STEP 1. Optimum Location

The location plays a vital role in the performance of any Router. You must find the placement of your router where you can see it. This is how you will get maximum performance from the Arris router. Even in upcoming models of routers, there is a dual-band feature that allows the users to fetch the best performance and signal strength without replacing the router’s positions. But make sure your router is not placed near a microwave or behind any thick metallic surface because that metal will not allow the Wi-Fi signals to penetrate across it and reach your device.

STEP 2. Connect PC with Range Extender

Now the second step is to connect the Amped Range extender with your laptop or pc whatever device you are using for the setup. You could use the ethernet cable to make the connection between the range extender and your pc. Plug the antenna on the router which comes along with the packaging of the new Arris router and extender. Now connect your device with Wi-Fi if you do not get an ethernet cable included in the box.

STEP 3. Web Browser

In the first step, you have to open any web browser on your pc which is connected with the Arris Wireless Router or Extender. Paste this URL in the address bar and press enter. After that, you have to just follow the given instructions on the Web browser.

STEP 4. Configure

Once you are able to log into the Arris Router you will land on the admin dashboard of the Arris router. It shows all the required information and the status of the connection at that time. Now click on the scan button to scan all the devices nearby to connect. There are two bandwidths 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. You could choose 2.4 GHz for the devices which are old for example; some old desktop computer which might not support latest wireless Wi-Fi bandwidth of 5 GHz. You have to scan and find the optimum location for your router and extender and make sure it should at least have 70% of signal strength.

I hope you are now able to set up the Arris Router and Extender by following the above-given steps. If you are still facing any issue then I suggest you contact the team and they will assist you with the issue and resolve it for you.  I am soon going to publish more articles that will guide me on how to improve the signal strength and internet speed of the current router.

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