How to Download YouTube Videos for Free

In this article, I will share information on how you could download YouTube videos on your mobile or computer for free. I can understand there could be several reasons that why you want to know how to download YouTube Videos for Free. You can save them to watch them while your device is not connected to any internet resource. This trick is very useful for students who want to revise their lectures without connected to the internet or without wasting their internet data pack.

How to Download YouTube Videos for Free
How to Download YouTube Videos for Free

Some people might dought this article and ask that is it legal to download YouTube videos on your device? and here is there is the answer Yes as far as you use it for educational purposes only. Before getting started with the steps to download the YouTube videos on your device I suggest you always remember you are responding to any data breach of the downloaded video. Be a reasonable internet user and respect everyone’s privacy and safety. Now let’s get started with the steps First I will share steps on How to download YouTube videos on an Android smartphone then I will cover the same topic for PC and Apple Macbook’s.

Download YouTube Videos on iPhone

  1. First you have to dowload the called “Readdle” in your iPhone. If you don;t know where to download this app then here is the link of the offical Apple app store. link:
  2. Once app is installed then open it and tap on the compass icon and go to
  3. Here just paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to download in your iPhone.
  4. Now wait for few seconds and This app will generate the download link to download the YouTube video.
  5. Just select the video fram quality and tap on “Download” option.
  6. Now enter the name and location where you want to save the video in your iPhone storage.
  7. The YouTube video will star downloading.
  8. Now to check the downloaded videos through this app. Just to download section in the bottom navigation bar and click on downloaded videos.
  9. You could also access to downloaded videos through your iPhone media gallery.

I hope the above- steps have assisted you to download your facvourte YouTube videos in your iPhone. If you are still facing any issue with app or downloded videos then I suggest you to contact the team and they will resolve it for you. In my upcoming article I am going to share the steps on How to download YouTube videos on your Windows computer and Apple laptops. Bookmark this web page for further updates on how to tips for smartphones as well as computers.

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