Best Cloud Backup Services in 2021

In this article, I will share a list of some of the best cloud backup services in the year 2021. There are several services available on the internet which allow the customers to have a trial for few days and gives the experience of premium services. These services actually save a lot of time and stress. You do not have to take care of the data loss if you are already using cloud backup services. You can also access your data from anywhere in the world just by using the right credentials to login into your backup server account.

Best Cloud Backup Services in 2021
Best Cloud Backup Services in 2021

These some services are free to use but to a certain amount of days or data backup size if you exceed the limit then you have to pay to continue. I am also using Microsoft’s OneDrive online backup and storage services to get peace of mind. Your data is always at risk due to cyber attacks as well as physical damage to your computing machine. In some countries there always a risk that your device might get stolen because laptops are not that cheap and they could get a modest amount of money for the resale of the same device. Here the more important concern is data loss. You can purchase a new laptop but you can not retrieve the loss of data. So, data always hold more value than the machine.

Industry professionals who have very confidential data on their laptop drives are more variable to data loss. So in this era of virtual assets, you must have could backup services to have your back in tough times always. Now let’s get started with the list of Best Cloud backup services available for the year 2021.

List of Cloud Backup Services for 2021

IDrive Personal

You can connect unlimited devices with this backup service and have at least backup storage of 10 TB. IDrive provides the best services like cloud backup in the modest price range. This service provides great download and upload speed for the data stored on your device. IDrive has a smartphone app too which provides the features and unlimited access to your data from the backup servers. You can also secure the login using two-factor verification.


By using this service you can only connect the cloud backup services to a single device only, if you want to increase the number of devices for this backup service then you have to upgrade your plan to premium from basic. However, the storage space is more than enough for a single device because Backblaze provides unlimited storage for a single device plan. You can connect the external drive to take backups from the Backblaze servers. This service does not allow you to set automatic backups for mobile and smartphone phones. Backblaze has the feature to provide an extra layer of security by giving the 2-step verification for your account of backup files. From my point of view, this is a cheap, fast, and easy to use and backup cloud service.

Zoolz Cloud Storage

In this service, you can attack up to 5 devices with the same account and you don’t have to pay anything extra with this plan. But the downside what I consider is that Zoolz has a data cap on the per data storage space allotted. One user can only use 1TB of storage space and you can also use an external drive to create backup copies. Zoolz includes a lot of features in the basic package, super easy and simple dashboard, multi-user accounts, and whatnot. There is one downside that you can use these services on a single computer system only.

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